The Medical Clinic

In 2004 when the first Sonship Action Team went to the Solomon Islands, it was decided that they should do a project that would be most helpful to the local community.

The project chosen was the refurbishing and re-equipping of the land based medical clinic at Kukundu.

This clinic services a large population of surrounding villagers and treats them for accidents, tropical ulcers and in particular malaria.

Supplies were collected and kindly donated by local businesses in the Morisset area, then packed and shipped to Kukundu in the Western Solomon Islands, arriving in time for the team of 2004 to complete the internal renovations. The team of 2005 then restored the exterior of the clinic changing its appearance completely.

Dr Chester Kuma, Associate Director, Adventist Health Ministries, South Pacific Division states in his booklet “Adopt a Clinic”: “Kukundu Clinic stands out as a great example of what “Adopt a Clinic” can achieve, the buildings are the best maintained of all our clinics and the clinic is well equipped.”

The “Adopt a Clinic” program was instigated after Dr Kuma observed what the Sonship Action Teams had accomplished at Kukundu. Sonship’s continued commission is to sustain and support this high level of maintenance at this important clinic.