The Sonship Vision

Our Mission Statement: To serve the needs of the south pacific island nations by means of ships, boats and sea transport.
Sonship which stands for Serving Overseas Nations by Ship was born in 2003 when the idea of sending groups from Australia to the Solomons was initiated. Since that time “Sonship Action Teams” have traveled to Kukundu in the Western Solomons and engaged in community projects and programs.

This has included the total renovation and restoration of the local medical clinic and facilities at the local boarding high school. As well as this teams have visited many local villages and run “Kids Club” which has included songs, stories, puppets and games that have delighted all age groups and villagers.

Sonship’s vision is to expand this medical program to many other parts of the Solomons and indeed to the whole of the South Pacific region. This will require the acquisition of many boats and Medisonship 1 is the first planned for many other locations.

Your financial assistance would be greatly appreciated to make this vision a reality, click here to make an online donation.